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White. White People Are Still A Disgrace? The story is told from the perspective of an executioner during the French Revolution. Bizarre assumptions about my beliefs aside, I’m not seeing anything there that’s inconsistent with what I wrote. So you are wrong in saying that “smart people” are against HBD. So the government ought to confiscate your medical records, eh? Okay, I’ve found some people who argue that it saves police time and money, rather than having a better chance of preventing violent crime, so I’ll amend what I said before, although I guess a utilitarian may argue those are the same. He doesn’t mention the abuse of asset forfeiture, either. Sign me up! When are you printing the T-shirts? In Kentucky v. King, the Supreme Court basically said the police could create the exigent circumstances they need to avoid needing a warrant. You’re an idiot and not worthy of any badge, then or now. The criticisms I can think of would not be valid if we lived in a world where everybody used condoms for all casual sex, and that world’s probably easier to approach, e.g. Clearly your real ingroup is people who make lists of bad things about people! There is always the hazard that the odd Blue Man will believe his propaganda and actually think freely. My Lt’s favorite phrase is “keep our side of the street clean.” Volunteer in your communities and let your citizens trust those that protect them when they are sleeping. Reddit does not seem like it has been lost to SJ.

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Or, if that’s not enough, note the blue tribe is slowly waking up to the existence of the grey tribe, starting to understand it’s an off shoot of the red tribe, and you are going to be in trouble eventually. Maybe things were just really different in the 1980s and by the time she died the lines had already been drawn? I would also be very surprised if none of her supporters called criticism of her misogynistic without adequate justification. Realized that I don’t really have that reaction to any of them. That was my thought too. Judging fairly is an important virtue. Dan, and I appreciate the hell out of what peace officers that are true to their profession and themselves suit up and go out to do every day. Thank you for saying so eloquently what we have all felt at some point in our careers. I’m not sure things were much better early on. Unfortunately, the majority of publicized “information” (no thanks to our immoral media) focuses on the bad rather than the good. If you hate another group, and a member of that group leaves it and enters your group, being forgiving means recognizing that they have cut all ties with their old group and are no longer loyal to it. I’m not sure how much this helps though, because people who don’t follow GamerGate closely only hear the accusations of sockpuppetry and don’t see when they’re rebutted. Lizardbreath — I can’t tell you what an unexpected pleasure it was to find you on this thread (I am a SSC lurker). Free at last; free at last! THANK GOD, free at last!

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He was always professional in his dealings with editors and publishers, uncomplainingly rewriting whole essays when asked—except on at least two occasions when he quietly sacrificed money and fame rather than falsify his beliefs. The traditional thing-outside-niceness to criticise “niceness & civilization” with is “self-interest”. As a society, we have to stop and acknowledge the fact that we are “over policed”. The officer class of the U.S. military is overwhelmingly Red and know that elite Harvard-like Blues have contempt for them. I don’t know that I could put up with it. The blame can’t all be placed on the thug-life celebrating public, because we aren’t all that way. It’s a sick violent world and I thank you for all that you do. Playing the victim and blaming everyone else is only going to make things worse. She went on to Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and received her MS in 1976, and then pursued additional graduate study at UCLA. Discuss both views and give your opinion. So don’t give up on few people who want to discredit you for their reasoning, they like you are not everyone. I’ve seen the basics, but nothing including “a few groups that don’t fit in like the Grays”.

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If you really feel like this, you should change professions. In the community I police, the OVERWHELMING issue that I have when arresting a person is the fear that I will take them to a dark alley and beat the crap out of them because their father was “beaten up” by the cops back in the day. Poster “dublin” is annoying and is banned. I’ve seen far too many police officers commit perjury in a court of law, and get away with it, just to make a ticket stick. Want to join up? Infantry and dropship pilots are urgently needed. Fox is the outgroup, ISIS is just some random people off in a desert. But I didn’t thank him enough. If your question is simply what corresponds to what, then foragers are blue and farmers are red. The red tribe has always denounced them as such, but suddenly it seems that science and logic backs them up on this. In any case, do you in fact have any studies to cite? Are these tribes based on geography? HR and Mozilla’s CEO of that era failed to do the right thing, in my view, by not taking action based on (non-company-owned, but solid) computer forensics identifying the abuser who left hostile comments, who was not necessarily the same person who ultimately left the TOR-masked death threat.

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You can link using HTML. Typing <a href="http://slatestarcodex.com">link text</a> in the comment box renders as link text. To the point where I read only the first sentence of section IV before rejoicing that you were about to put it into words.) I hear about various poll numbers or election results and I think, who are these people and how can there possibly be 150 million of them in the country? All the townspeople want to forgive him immediately, king arthur homework help and they mock the titular priest for only being willing to give a measured forgiveness conditional on penance and self-reflection. That is why cops can retire after 20. Possibly related — when Brendan Eich was fired, I found myself in the exceedingly lonely position of being ambivalent about it.